#August 2013

Full name : Aisyah As-Salafiyah
Simply called : Aisyah, Icha
TTL : Bogor, November 26th 1998

Hobby : reading, writing, cooking, and make my lovely person happy.
Hope : go to heaven without hisab, marry a religious hafidz.
Idea : Psychology, chef, lecturer, photographer, writer, crafter.
Idol : ♥  Rasulullah -shallallahu alaihi wasallam-
            Nabi Yusuf -alaihissalam-
            Ibnul Qayyim Al-Jauziyah

About me 

I'm not a perfect Muslim. I'm human, I make mistakes... In fact, I have made many mistakes in my life, but I try to learn from my mistakes, grow not only become a better person, but most importantly become a better Muslim.
No matter what the others think. I'm me, I'm talkative, forgiving, kind, hyper active sometimes, I'm not the prettiest girl, but I'm comfortable with myself, I would not change my physical weakness, but I will try to change the bad things like my talkative.


  Twitter : @aisyahassalafy
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  Facebook : Aisyah As-Salafiyah
  Number phone : ask me on facebook

2 komentar:

  1. Kak! tolong rangkumkan pelajaran ipa tentang gerhana ya! Terimakasih!

  2. Hmm.. maaf ya Salma, aku baru buka sekarang.. T_T